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Not all my books are audio. I have just completed a preview of a soon-to-be-released book from Michele Cushatt titled “UNDONE”. The book looks at her life and is subtitled “A story of making peace with an unexpected life”.

So many unexpected things happen in our lives. A phone call from a doctor, loss of a job, busted water pipes, a sick child.

In scripture we are promised “life abundant” not “a bed of roses” (however, even a rose garden is filled with thorns)

undoneMichele takes you through many of her unexpected happenings with family, work, cancer, and just life in general. 

I was able to relate to much of her story. Even if I did not experience an event exactly as she did, I could equate her emotions to happenings in my own life.

When I started reading, I picked up some post-it note tags and marked places I related to or wanted to share. The book is filled with neon pink stickers. Way to many to share; but enough to remind me I am not alone.

Anyone who has experienced life, will be able to relate to her story. She reacts to life’s events much as I would, much as I believe many of you would. Her journey to finding how to deal with these events with God’s peace in encouraging. Accepting His peace doesn’t usually come with a snap of the finger as we would hope; it comes in time, in learning to trust, in accepting, in being made undone.

I highly recommend this book. You can find details on her website:

P.S.  I received a preview copy of this book for promotion and review purposes. No compensation was made and these words are my own opinion.

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