Through My Headset – Precious Memories

Today I am listening to music.  I was busy pulling out piles I created in an effort to declutter and I came across a cassette album I cherish – Precious Moments by Steve and Annie Chapman.

I received this one day many years ago when in a very difficult time in my life.  I played this over and over. I cried every time.

In all my declutter piles today would you believe I have NO CASSETTE PLAYER!!  I can’t believe it either.

So…….. remembering how much I was blessed by the songs of Steve and Annie Chapman, I went to amazon and ordered the MP3 album.  It is now playing on a loop.  It touches my heart as much today as it did all those years ago.

If you would like to be blessed by it, here is a link to album. Keep the kleenex near by. You may have to wipe away a few tears to see your stitches 🙂

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