I have no big testimony. I live a simple life. I often wonder how God can use someone who enjoys yarn crafts and loves teddy bears. Then I found the verse in Matthew 18 about seeking Him ‘like a little child’. To me this means look for His love, mercies, and grace in the simple things.

Can you say F*R*O*G? (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it?)
I made an adjustment of some kind on my website and lost it completely. 
UGH!!! Starting over. I can working to save whatever data  I can to recreate the pages.
I have been able to retrieve the blog posts!!  I am currently editing and updating them. Images may not be there, and I have 13 years of posts to edit. I ask for your grace and patience.
Oh, well, in the meantime, email I used before WILL NOT WORK!! 
 You may reach me at:  terryann at terryannporter dot com
You can purchase group printables of the studies HERE 
You can purchase personal versions in print or digital version on Amazon HERE

Now, back to page edits and writing new blogs posts (I can’t believe it’s been so long, pain has definitely taken it’s toll on me)

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