Through My Headset

I have always enjoyed reading.  I got in trouble many times as a child for ‘keeping my nose in a book’.

As I grew older I still enjoyed reading but as ‘life’ happened I found time to sit quietly and read.  Then I got busy with my knitting and crochet. This took hours of my time. The book could be sitting on the table beside me, but I wasn’t picking it up.

Problem:  it is not possible to read a book while the hands are busy with yarn and hook or needles in my hand 🙂

Solution: audio books.

I have been a member of AUDIBLE (check out audible dot com) since 2001. Getting at least 1 book a month I now have a large audio book collection at my fingertips. There are many places to get audio books including the library and other websites. I just happen to use Audible.

I enjoy listening to audio books for many reasons. The biggest reason is that I can read/listen to a book while I knit or crochet.

This new category is set up to share with you what audio books I am listening to while I stitch.  I hope you will join me on some of these literate journeys.

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