It Came Undone

A few years ago I made a spiderweb afghan for my grandson. He loved that aghan. He could use it as a cape or wrap up and hide in it.

spideyghan_cape spideyghan_caught spideyghan_hiding

—Okay, before you ask, you want the pattern.  I got the pattern free. I checked the link and it is no longer valid.  It is written by ‘Gail of Sitch ‘n Frog”  I did find it on .  I hope it is a legitimate share.—

Then one day he brought it back to me.  There is a whole section where the yarn broke!


I was devastated!  I made my 1st afghan when I was 11 or 12. My grandmother taught me the granny square. I have never, in over 40 years of making afghans had this happen.

Life happens like that too.  I get things all lined up exactly as I want them, my TO DO lists all prioritized and I am ready for the day. Then suddenly, life comes undone. It could start with a phone call or email, pain could tell me my body is not going to participate that day, a pipe bursts, an unexpected bill arrives…… you get the idea.

Jesus was often interrupted. He walks through a town and crowds chase after Him.  He stops to rest and a group gathers. He tries to sleep and is awakened. He never let the interruption stop Him from doing what He had to do.

How do you respond when your life becomes undone like the afghan?

I recently read a book about a woman who looked at her life become UNDONE. It is written by Michelle Cushatt.  As she reflects on the various interruptions in her life where she unraveled and became undone, you will surely relate.

With fear and trepidation I worked at the undone area. I carefully picked up each broken thread and gathered it together, hoping I didn’t unravel it further. Gently I stitched through, around, under, and over the large area.  It appeared to hold, but left a scar on the pattern.

I sent the blanket home with my grandson asking him to tell me if it didn’t hold. I would try something different.

Just like everything else in my life, when a thread unravels the choices are to ignore it and set it aside, or fix it and move on.

The disciples thought everything Jesus would be undone at the crucifixion. But the empty tomb made a difference. The veil was ripped, but new life promised was a possibility.

God is never too busy to stitch your unraveled life if you bring it to him.  He is never surprised either. He is waiting for you to bring it to him. Will you hand it over?

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