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I first learned of Kyle Idleman when my small group did a study on his book ‘‘gods at war’.  I found it well written and inspiring.

Recently I downloaded and started listening to the audible dot com version of “Not A Fan”.  I was hooked listening to the introduction!!

As I continue to listen, he brings out the difference in being a FAN of Christ and being a FOLLOWER of Christ. One phrase in particular really stands out. He is reading from a follower who says “I was raised in church, but not in Christ”.

How many of us were ‘raised in church, but not in Christ’? One is the same as the other, isn’t it?  not-a-fan

He uses a term I hadn’t heard, but understood the meaning: DTR – defining the relationship.

Kyle uses Scripture to show us the difference between being a fan of Jesus and a true follower of Jesus and helps you to ‘define the relationship’ you have or desire to have with Jesus Christ.

I highly recommend this book, whether in print or audio. If you are ready to take a look at  your own life, or are considering what it means to follow Christ, this book will bring to light many things you may not have considered.

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