Through My Headset – Twelve Extraordinary Women

I am currently listening to AND reading in print, the book Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur.

This books takes a look at 12 women in the Bible. He goes deep into the culture and through Scripture tells a story of each women.  I am reading it with 2 other women and we are using the corresponding workbook to add to our reading.

I find the book very encouraging. He brings to light different angles of the stories we hear. Through Scripture he brings out how God used each woman to tell the gospel story. God’s mercy and grace abound!

For example, consider Rahab the prostitute. She hid the Israeli spies and lied to protect them. She later told the spies of her fear of what the Lord could do that motivated her faith.  She had grown up hearing stories of the God of Israel and the triumphs in battle.

John MacCarthur goes on to say “Hers was a healthy kind of fear. It had convinced her that YHWH was indeed the one true God.

As a child we feared our parents discipline when we knew we did wrong. That led us to doing the right thing.

“Fear of the Lord” can be frightening OR it can lead us to believing in the One True God. Is your ‘fear’ a healthy fear leading you into the arms of the Lord?

John MacArthur is very encouraging of women throughout this book. He shows a respect of I don’t often find in male translations.

If you are looking for a study of women in the Bible for yourself or as a group, I highly recommend this book

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