Through My Headset – Born With Teeth

If you read my last newsletter, you know I am in my mid-50s. Okay, I am now 56.   

So I remember well, as a teenager, a new soap opera that came on the scene. Ryan’s Hope featured a spirited young woman who was very strong, yet not vindictive like most strong women appeared in those shows ( at least the few I saw ).  She was played by a new up and coming actress, Kate Mulgrew.

I enjoyed watching that show, and was excited when she was named the Captain of Voyager.  I admired the character she portrayed.

So, I eagerly preordered the audible version of her book “Born With Teeth” when it became available.

I am now listening to Kate read the book, telling her life story.  It is very interesting.  With Kate being the narrator, it feels like we are sitting over coffee and she is telling me all about herself.

I am only to the part where she is working on Ryan’s Hope.  I must return to the story and the shawl I am knitting.

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