Frogging My Life

As a yarn crafter, you are familiar with “frogging” – even if you don’t know the term.  FROGGING is named such because you pull the hook or needles out of your project and you ‘rip-it, rip-it, rip-it”.

I have a large box of papers that I need to get rid of; paperwork from cars we haven’t owned in years, utility bills decades old, a house that sold nearly 25 years ago, taxes from last century.  So my shredder is busy frogging all these pages.

While I was empyting out the shreds I started thinking of this frogging in terms of sin.

When you frog a project you tear out the work you have accomplished but you still have the yarn to rework the same project or begin another. You choose what to do with the yarn. Do you reuse it? Do you stuff it in a drawer for later? Do you get rid of it?

When I sin I have the same option.  I go the Savior and repent, He forgives  it is frogged and He has thrown the yarn into the sea. Psalm 103:12 says it like this. “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”   But so often I reach out and grab hold of an end of that yarn. I don’t let go. I don’t start a new project with it. I don’t even store it away, out of site. I use it as a constant reminder of my failures, my mistakes, my sins.

Why can’t I let go of that part of my life? As long as I allow it to have any part of my life I am holding on to the past and do not move forward. God wants me to move forward.

Yes, there are consequences to our actions that we must experience. But how much of what we hold onto is nothing more than reminders, holding us back.

So many times I don’t move forward because of the pull of that yarn. It is time to let it go.



What scrap of yarn are you holding on to? Does God want you to drop it?

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