What is a Knit & Crochet Bible Study?

Take a look at your Bible Study group. Everyone sits around a table or in some group setting. Bibles are open and pens are poised for note taking. Some will say very little, fearful of sounding unintelligent. Others willingly share their knowledge and ideas. But the focus is the Lord.

Now take a look at the knitting or crochet group. Everyone sits around, project in hand, with conversation and laughter around. The ease of the setting makes it easy to talk and share.

Let’s combine the two. Take the ease and comfort from the knitting/crochet group setting and add the conversation guidelines of the Bible Study which is to be focused on the Lord. While the others are working on projects, one person reads the lesson and scripture. Discussion questions are stated.

With the relaxed atmosphere and hook or needles in hand, a sense of sharing instead of studying prevails. For many having the project in hand makes it more comfortable to join in. Insights are made with in depth discussions into how the Word has affected the lives of those involved.

That is a Knit and Crochet Bible Study. A few guidelines are stated up front:

All conversation must be God honoring. This is not a stitch and bitch session. Are you mad at your husband or children? You can speak but no demeaning words may be spoken. Male bashing will not be allowed.

You must be respectful of all persons whether in the room or not.

Prayer requests are confidential. They are not to be discussed outside the group. They are not to be forwarded with email.

Prayer requests must not be something that would be harmful information about another. Every family has secrets. Honor those secrets. Seek counsel from your pastor or another trusted person on a one-to-one basis.

Respect each others view. Don’t argue the gospel. Don’t speculate on the gospel. Use the Word as written.

There is only one gospel, but when it comes to knitting and crochet, there are many techniques. Just because someone doesn’t do the stitch or hold the yarn the same way you do doesn’t make them wrong. Work together without criticism of needlework abilities.

And there you have a Knit and Crochet Bible Study.

With that that in mind, grab your Bible, yarn, needles and/or your hooks; let’s get started.

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