Unfinished Life–Week 9

Well, I am finished with the reading of the Gospels. I haven’t started a new reading project yet, but You Version has several to choose from. I like having this on my tablet. I can read or have the verses read to me.  I can follow a planned reading program and it records where I am at all times. I can choose from several versions of the Bible. My Bible is always with me.

I am loving the Beth Moore study on Daniel. I have always shied away from reading Daniel because I heard others talk about how difficult a book it was. She is breaking it down and providing some excellent backup to her summation and shows us additional scripture to expand on the storyline. If you have stayed away in fear of the book of the book of Daniel I recommend trying Beth’s study.

As far as crafts go I have finished up a couple of items.  I finished this hat as part of my lessons I teach at Michaels.  This is the hat offered in the 3rd crochet class. You learn the stockinette stitch, seed stitch and ribbing. You also learn increase and decrease.

A new project offered in the knitting class at Michaels is this baby kimono.

This is a garter stitch project which uses decrease stitches on the front pieces.

I also created my own pattern when one of the employees told me about needing fingerless gloves while she was unloading the truck. So, I came up with this.

I continue to work toward my knitting and crochet certification through the Craft Yarn Council. I have completed part 1 of crochet and hope to send in part 1 of knitting this weekend. It is then checked for accuracy and I will complete the 2nd half of both.

Did you receive the latest newsletter? I included the story of the Ax that Floated to the Top.

All in all it was a busy week.

Until next time, keep on stitching your life into God’s plan.

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