Unfinished Life–Week 10

My knit/crochet attention deficit disorder and startitis joined forces and bit me in the tushie this week.

Several months ago I made these fingerless gloves as a teaching tool for the knitting cables class I teach at Michaels.

These are made to be bulky so they can be worn over a pair of gloves.

I made these from some Caron Simply Soft yarn I had in my stash. This is not the recommended yarn.  Though we had a mild winter this year, I did wear them often with and without the gloves and they are already showing wear.

So I decided to make another pair, this time with some Red Heart Super Saver yarn I had in stash.  I finished one glove then got startitis fever and set the project aside.

Browsing one day I found this beautiful victorian style neck warmer.

I went shopping and this yarn jumped into my basket.

Which very quickly became this:

So when we popped in disk 1 of the 55th anniversary blue ray enhanced The Ten Commandments I decided to work on the 2nd wristlet.

Unfortunately I forgot I made the 1st one smaller to fit tighter on my hand. Yep, you guessed it.

I am now making another set just like this one 

How was your week?

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