Through My Headset–The Magnolia Story

While working on a sweater I abandoned to the closet quite some time ago I listened to ‘The Magnolia Story’ by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

I fell in love with this couple watching their Fixer Upper show on HGTV.

In the audio version of the book, Chip and JoJo read their story.  They captured my attention from the very beginning.

I was impressed by their genuine openness. I don’t know that I would want to share some of those stories.  They are as open and authentic in the book as they appear in their show.

They started their married life with no television, at the challenge made during their pre-marital counseling. The challenge was for 6 months. Now, years later and with a TV show of their own, they still have no TV.  There are days I think my life would be better without the TV always blaring in the background. Could I, would I, accept the challenge?  I digress. That is something for another post.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to “The Magnolia Story”.  The Gaines didn’t sound like they were reading the book. The sounded like they were sitting on the couch across my me, telling me their story. 

If you are ‘fixing up’ a WIP, consider listening to this Fixer Upper couple tell you their story.

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