Still Committed


My ‘word for 2017’ is COMMITTED. I am not doing very well at maintaining it. I have found myself with so many unfinished projects. Not just knit/crochet projects, unfinished posts, unfinished letters, unfinished household chores.  I seem to leave so much half-done, not committed to completion.

The word COMMIT is defined as a verb meaning a pledge, a promise, to do something. I did an online search through the Bible of the word ‘commit’.  It did not only reflect the physical action, it also instructed the action of mental/emotional commitment. To CHOOSE to commit wholeheartedly to God’s Word (Deut 11:18); to CHOOSE to commit firmly to God (Psalm 37:5); to CHOOSE to be commit to the faith (1 Tim 3:9)

When I do not complete a project, no matter how minor, I have chosen to ignore it and focus on something else. I set out on a course, and turned away.

I am reminded when I reviewed this promise to myself and to God, that if I am committed I must follow through.   Oh that my steps may be steady, keeping the course you set.-Psalm 119:5.
My half hearted attempts at projects around the house, with my yarn, and in my Christian walk are choices I am making. If the word commit is a verb, then I must take action. “I” must take action.

What is your word for the year and how are you staying committed to it’s follow through?

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