The More Things Change….

Thanks to Netflix, I have just finished watching the entire Upstairs, Downstairs series. It was a British show in the 70s about a privileged family (upstairs) and their servants (downstairs) in the early 1900s. (If you enjoyed this show you might like to know I just found through google that a sequel was made to this popular series in 2011.) This show is along the same line as the current popular PBS series Downton Abbey.

During that time their daily lifestyle had a lot of rules of etiquette. I enjoyed watching the characters change as life happened, how they responded to changes in society, tradition, inventions and routine.

My dog likes routine. She is a sheltie/miniature border collie mix. She is very even tempered and easily trained. Do something twice and she registers this as how it is to be.


We had sliding glass doors off the kitchen and she knew if she stood at the far left the door would slide and an opening would appear for her walk through. We changed out the sliding glass doors for french doors. Now the opening to pass through is not at the far left. It took several days for her to realize the opening had moved. She was accustomed to going out at the other end. 

We create habits, traditions and routines every day.

Tradition is very important in the Jewish society. It’s very interesting when doing a bible study to research into the traditions and history for clarity in understanding some of the passages. Take a moment to think of some family traditions or personal habits you have.

Change is not easy. I know I get comfortable and like a schedule. As long as things go as I had planned I am fine, but when someone or something doesn’t follow my list of how things ought to be, my first instinct (I hate to admit this) is panic. That’s not how it should be!! I shout – sometimes out loud.

Our every day lives have changed over time. Years ago, my mother used a cumbersome manual typewriter. I grew up with electric typewriters; my children with computers.  My grandson has no idea what a typewriter is!

Yes, things change. There is an old adage that says the only thing that doesn’t change in life is that things change.

I am excited and rest comfortably on one that does not change. No matter what period of life we are in, no matter who is in political power, no matter what inventions come along to make life easier there is one thing that does not change. Malachi 3:6 tells us “For I am the Lord, I do not change.”

I take comfort in knowing no matter what, my God is the same yesterday as He is today and as He will be tomorrow. His steadfast ways are everlasting.

You are my hiding place and my shield; my hope is in Your word.

Forever Stitched in His Word,

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