God–the first creative artist

My favorite Bible stories are the ones where God shows off His creative side.  I swell up a little with pride because I think I got my creativity from my Father.

Scripture shows God’s creativity in so many ways. First, the most well-known, is in Genesis where we read about God creating the earth and its inhabitants in 7 days.  For the sun, moon, seas, and mountains He spoke; but when it came to creating man and woman, God stepped on the earth and with His own hands, created them. He blew His breath into their nostrils. We were hands on created.

Check out Exodis28. God is giving  Moses a pattern for making holy garments for Aaron. Read the detail God gives for this outfit and its construction. He even includes underwear. Underwear!! God is definitely into the details.

In Exodus 25 God gives instructions on making the ark a sanctuary in which He would dwell among them.

These are just a few examples of God’s creativity. How many more can you find? Leave a comment with your favorite passage.

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