My Grandparents

Didnâ’t get any crochet or knitting done today. I had another commitment. 

You see, today I went to the little town of Louisburg Kansas to visit my grandparents. We shared cake and celebrated. Why?  It is their 81st anniversary. No, that is not a typo, I said 81 years.

In 1929 Vern Isenhower, 17  and Verbal Peterson, 16 walked into the local county courthouse in Salem Arkansas and left a short time later as man and wife. Thus their adventure began.

They have many stories to tell of their lifetime together and the struggles they have encountered. No matter the battle, however, they held tight to each other and faced it together.

Today they live in their own home where my grandfather continues to have his daily oatmeal for breakfast and his white beans for dinner, along with a glass of milk.  They watch the Kansas City Royals on television and root for the team no matter their win loss record.

Their family has expanded to include great-great-grandchildren. I am blessed to have the opportunity to take my grandchildren to visit my grandparents. How many people have that honor!

They may not be as spry as they were years ago, but grandpa still has his garden and sells his vegetables at the local farmers market. Christmas Eve celebration still includes 5 generation gathering in their home.Only recently has grandpa allowed someone else to make the turkey.

Watch them together and you will notice they still hold hands.

Happy Anniversary grandpa and grandma. Thank you for the lessons you have taught us of love and commitment.


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