Goal Setting

“The LORD says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.'” (Ps. 32:8 NLT)

In January I made a list of what I want to accomplish in 2011.  I figured if I did a plan for the year instead of a “resolution” I might accomplish it more easily.

I made three columns: (1) My Personal Life  (2) Knit and Crochet Bible Study (3) Crafting

I considered, as many do when a new year rolls around, reading the Bible in a year. I have tried this and after a few weeks, I miss one day, then another, then I am so far behind I get frustrated and give up. I found a group on Facebook that is reading the New Testament in 2011 reading one chapter a day Monday through Friday. If you like to check it out there is the link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Read-the-New-Testament-in-2011/185576411468685

For Knit and Crochet Bible Study I had planned to start a once a month radio show/podcast. Perhaps I can get started in February.

My crafting leaves a lot to be desired.  I have started quite a few projects. Every day new patterns come to me through email, online groups, facebook and twitter that I get excited and jump on in.  I hope during this upcoming blizzard (yes, they are using the word blizzard in the forecast) I can just sit down and finish a few.  Maybe by stating it here I can be accountable to you.

There is another personal goal: draw closer to God. The verse above, Psalm 32:8 “The LORD says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.'”  He will guide, but I must follow. How many times He points me in one direction and I see pretty flowers along another path that I rush toward.  As He leads I slow down a bit, I stop awhile as He goes forward. I have to run to catch up.  I can understand the Israelites roaming in the desert. God led them, but they wandered other directions. It’s so easy to do, isn’t it?

So, one month into the new year I have fallen behind in some areas, but I know that the Good Shepherd will not leave me behind.  He will take my hand and draw me to the still, calm waters where I can rest. And that place of rest is better than any flower patch along the road I can find. 

So, how about you? In a few hours January 2011 will be in the past. Are you frustrated about your own goals? How are you encouraged?  Comment below and/or on the Facebook discussion tab.

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