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I recently read a post by author and speaker, Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries that reads:

What difference does it make if you’re not in the Word of God on a daily basis? It makes a critical difference. It’s the difference between a Hi-how-are-You?-By the-way-I’ve-been-meaning-to-tell-You relationship with God and a deep intimacy with your heavenly Father. Check out Psalm 119:2, “How blessed are those who observe His testimonies, Who seek Him with all their heart.”
I spoke with a friend on the phone today, we discussed how difficult it is to talk and be mindful of one another when we don’t talk for a long period of time.
I can’t imagine a day going by without speaking to my husband, our relationship is very special and constant contact with each other solidifies our commitment.
Looking at how daily contact is so important makes me ashamed that I am so far behind in sending out the newsletter and even posting on the blogs.
I had surgery on my back in July of 2010 and unfortunately I received no relief from the pain so I had a second surgery in March of this year. I neglected my knitting and crochet, I neglected contacting my friends, I neglected my prayer life and I neglected contact with all of you.
While still in pain, I am taking charge to seek reconnection with all.
I have pulled out the yarn, needles and hooks; I have started writing or calling friends, and I am writing to you now. Notice the verse in Psalm 119:2 says “those who seek him”.  Those words imply action. I must seek Him. God is always there, reaching out to me, but He will not force Himself on my life. I must in turn reach to Him.
I must also seek contact with you. So I am starting over and will be blogging again.  I have a number of posts started waiting for me to finish.
So grab your hooks, your needles, your yarn and your Bibles. Let’s get back together.

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