Welcome 2013–A New Word to Live By

2012 has bid farewell, and 2013 begins anew.

Last year was the first time I had worked on a WORD for the year. The word was Unfinished. A lot of things went unfinished, including my posting.

I have not been diagnosed with A.D.D. I know several who have been diagnosed and take medication for it. They look at me and question the possibility I may be a bit A.D.D. I tell them I am just a multitasker. Unfortunately my multitasking has led to more “unfinished” projects.

That is what last year’s word has shown me. I lose focus and leave too many tasks incomplete. Losing focus can come from physical pain, from crafting distractions, from life in general.

In Bible Study my multitasking led to rabbit trails where I would seek additional information, but many times the rabbit trails led me out of the forest into a whole new universe. And often times once distracted that far it is hard to return to the study at hand.

So, this year’s word is FOCUS. I can continue to multitask but I need to reach completion.

I learned a lot about myself looking at last year’s word.  I work very well with deadlines. I have been fortunate to begin pattern testing for some designers through facebook. I watched myself set aside current projects to work on their assignment to completion.  I need to make assignments to keep me focused.

So, my assignment for this week.

Make lists:

  • Goals for 2013
  • Current unfinished items
  • Planned projects

Then with list in hand, make deadlines and move forward. Become more focused on what I am doing and, if necessary, make an assignment of each project if that is what I will respond to.

Most importantly is I need to forgive myself.  When I leave something unfinished I often punish myself. This must stop. I need to stop, pray, forgive, move on. It’s easy to write down.  It seems obvious to me now. But living it out is often difficult. With God’s help, I know I can do it.

I think 2013 will be a very interesting year.

Welcome 2013. Let’s get FOCUSED.

P.S. Do you have a problem focusing or completing projects? How do you deal with it? What tricks it techniques have worked for you? Comment here. We can focus together.

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