Unfinished Life–Week 5

What a bummer of a week!  I started more project than I finished.  In one day I started 2 teddy bears in different size yarns from the same patterns and a pair socks with matching teddy bear from a kit I found on a clearance rack at Hobby Lobby.  No, none of them are completed yet.

I did manage to start and complete a SMITTEN. This is a mitten made for 2 hands so you and your valentine can hold hands while walking in the cold.  Your left hand goes in one end, his right hand on the other and you meet in the middle 

This free pattern is available from CoCoKnits.  It calls for super bulky yarn and circular needles #13 and #15.  I didn’t have the proper circulars so I knitted it flat and sewed the seam. 

If you should decide to try this working flat, remember that when knitting in the round you get stockinette stitch by knitting every row.  You will have to modify the words of the pattern to remember to purl when working flat.

I am teaching knitting and crochet at my local Michaels store. We have been collecting squares to seam into blankets for local charities.  We received enough to make 4 blankets and some miscellaneous items.

I got started seaming together the first one.

I did manage to complete one project. It took longer than it should have, but that’s okay. I enjoy my TARDIS WRISTERS

I have an idea for a matching hat in my head. Now to get it to the yarn.

My church has just started the Beth Moore Bible Study on Daniel.  We had the first meeting. I am excited to complete this video study with her. I attended my first Beth Moore Bible Study last fall and thoroughly enjoyed her style of teaching.

I did film 5 stitch lessons for the Colors of Salvation afghan on my new camera. When I went to edit them I found each one had recorded only the first 7 seconds. So, I am pulling out an older camcorder we have and reshooting those. Sorry ladies.

I have put together a VALENTINE FROM JESUS TEDDY BEAR which I am offering on the website.

It isn’t just for Valentines Day.  It would be a welcome reminder of the promises of love from our Savior any time.  You can see the bear in a previous post.

Until next week, it is my prayer your heart may be comforted, being knit together in love. (see Col 2:2)


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