UNFINISHED Life–Week 3and4

It’s been a busy, busy couple of weeks. First, I didn’t get week 3 posted. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary by shopping for a new set of silverware, new bath towels and a kitchen hutch. (we are much more practical than romantic)

My husband has warned me this is not another horizontal surface in need of clutter. However, he didn’t say I couldn’t stash/hide yarn in the cupboard!

Then, I got a set of cubby shelves by ClosetMaid for my craft room. That is coming along nicely.

I am a couple of days behind on my daily Bible reading plan. I use an Android app called You Versionâ. (there is also an iPad version)  It is really cool. I can close my eyes and have the days reading read to me. Sometimes, I get more out of the passage when I hear it. It is a great feature of this app. And no, it is not a computer voice that reads it.

My local church posts the notes for each weeks sermon to You Version. I can download the notes and edit them on my tablet during the service using a free app called Evernote. I also use Evernote to save some of my patterns. It syncs between my computer and tablet.

I purchased a slipper kit on clearance at Hobby Lobby and made them for myself .

The sole and foot is premade in this kit. I knitted the cuff. I later resewed the foot to the sole because their stitching came out. These are so comfy and cosy to wear.

I thought I had made video of all the stitches used in the Colors of Salvation afghan, but I can’t find them. So either I lost them in the many past crashes of my system or I didn’t get the done. So I am working on that right now.

Until next week,

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