Through My Headset – The Prodigal Project

Struggling with some last minute Christmas crafting, I have a book on CD playing in the background.  This is the first of a series called THE PRODIGAL PROJECT. This one is title “The Prodigal Project: Genesis”  (click here to see this item in Amazon, no affiiliation)

Written by Ken Abrahan and Daniel Hart, this story takes you into the lives of several people who, after you meet them, are faced with a massive worldwide  ‘disappearance’.

The reader, Dick Hill, has a good narrative voice which keeps me focused on the story.

The storyline takes us through the lives of those ‘left behind’. As the tagline reads: ‘For Some, The End Times Are Just Beginning’. I will probably listen to more of the series.

Whether you believe in the idea of a rapture or not, the story will make you think about the world as it is today and look to your own life.

Do you have a favorite novel about the rapture? Please let me know your recommendations in the comments below.

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