Through My Headset–Kingdom Woman

I recently started trying to do some light workouts. To encourage me I turn on my audiobooks. During last month I  struggled through these workouts to the sound of Tony Evans and his daughter, Chrystal Evans Hurst, reading “Kingdom Woman”.

I enjoyed this book very much. Each chapter was a story and application to any woman’s life. This part is read by Tony Evans. This is followed by a personal story by his daughter. She becomes very open and real during “Chrystal’s Chronicles”.

It is difficult being a woman, and in today’s world the demands on her are enormous. Does God care she is exhausted from getting the kids up, fed and off to school or daycare, then off to work where she is completing her job responsibilities as well as planning kids transportation to evening activities, dinner arrangements, and then when home also help with homework and cleaning up the kitchen? Yes, he does.

If you are a woman, no matter what stage of life, I recommend this uplifting and encouraging book. Read or listen, you will be blessed.

“You are much more valuable than you may even realize. You are a child of the King; you are uniquely called and positioned to live devoted to God as one of His primary agents for advancing His purposes on earth. That is a high calling, and He will enable you to live it well. Never forget your value. Never settle for less than who you truly are.” —Kingdom Woman

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