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I am trying to organize my stash into something reasonably usable.  In December I embellished some teddy bears and purchased little accessories to make this adorable clown bear.

The person who ordered it requested another one a few weeks later. I knew I was in trouble when I couldn’t find where I put the extra pieces from ones purchased for this bear. So, I had to head out to WalMart (like I need an excuse to go there) and repurchase the same items.

Thus this buddy joined the troops.

I then had to explain to my husband why I had to purchase something he had just taken me to purchase two weeks prior. Now I was busted!!  So, I am destashing and decluttering. I found more bears, and several yarn purchases.  They are all going into one place (I hope).

My goal is to do with some small projects, what Yarn Harlot did with her sock projects. I am trying to put into my numerous totes, a project to include yarn, hook or needles and pattern. This way when I head out the door to wait at the doctor’s office, or in line at the DMV, I can throw my billfold into the tote and knit or crochet while I wait.

No, I don’t have the destash/declutter finished yet, but it is dwindling and I am hopeful. I have a goal. That’s a start, right?   I’d also like my closet to look as nice as the Yarn Harlots, but that is another story too.  Or it it an extension of this one????

Do you take projects with you to work on in line?  There is a poll on the right side, let us know.

On the plus side, I did learn the loop stitch and can now make hair for my bears and dolls. However, I still haven’t found the original supplies I was seeking for the bear.

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