I love to watch someone just learning to knit or crochet; the excitement when they realize ‘hey, I can do this’.  They get a big smile, quite contagious when you are around them, and they want to show off their work.

It’s like that with new Christians too.  If they have truly accepted the relationship with Christ they exude excitement and want to tell everyone they meet about Jesus.

I have recently met a woman who has known ‘of God’ much of her life, but just started a relationship with Christ as Lord of her life. This woman will tell anyone and everyone she meets about Jesus. She’ll stop what she is doing and pray for any concern you share with her. I know her love and prayers are real because of the blessings I have seen God bless her with.

Sometimes after we have been Christians for a while we lose that excitement. As we sometimes do with those we love, we take for granted what we have.

I am thankful that Christ doesn’t lose His excitement for me or take my love for granted. Despite my many failures He is always there, ready to take my hand when I extend it back to Him. He loves me so much He died that I may have an eternal life with Him.

This week, watch a new knitter or crocheter at work and remember your early days in the skill (after the initial “I am never going to get this” feeling had passed).  Stand back and watch a new Christian seek more knowledge of Christ.

What can you do to bring back some of the same excitement into your life?

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