My Merry Christmas Card and a Present

My wall looks very bare.  In past years Christmas cards lined the hallway wall, representing best wishes from family and friends

As a child I watched as my mother proudly displayed each card after reading it. Many were filled with pictures and long notes of the year gone by. As I set up my own home and started my family, I followed in her footsteps.

Ah, but alas, the world of technology has taken over. Combine the technology of facebook and the rising cost of postage, the past few years cards have become scarce. Today, only a few cards are displayed.

Don’t get me wrong, I like facebook and the world that technology has opened up. That technology has paid the bills in my home for many years.

With nearly 200 people who ‘like’  the “Knit and Crochet Bible Study” on facebook and over 900 on twitter, I certainly cannot use the United States Postal Service to send each of you a card. – hmmm. 1150 people times 44 cents each…..add the 2, carry the 7, double the 9….. that’s $484.00!!

So I thought about a gift. If cards are nearly $500 I certainly can’t send all of you a gift. BUT… what if…..  I have been telling you about the yarn my father-in-law has sent me. I’ve heard from some who say they are jealous and would love to receive boxes like that. One person even said she’d rather have a skein of yarn than a birthday card! This got me to thinking.   I am going to put together a gift package of yarn and I don’t know what else. I’ll find some other accessories for the package. How do you get it?

To qualify for the drawing to receive this package, leave a comment below. One per person with this exception.  If you make a comment on the Knit and Crochet facebook page, then leave a comment here linking to the facebook comment.  Now you have 2 entries.  Want a third one? Tweet that you like Knit and Crochet Bible Study -@KnitnBibleStudy – then leave a comment here with a link to the tweet ( @KnitnBibleStudy and the hashtag #kcbspresent must be included in the tweet). There you have it, 3 chances. All entries must be in by midnight December 24. I will use random dot org to choose a winner on Christmas day.  I will send the winner an email and post it on facebook and twitter.

Now on to your Christmas Card. So what could I do that would be a special Christmas greeting to all with a story of what is happening in my life?  In comes Jon Acuff.   I follow Jon’s blog “Stuff Christians Like“.  He is a funny writer. He is now working with Dave Ramsey.  Jon just released his bookGazells, Baby Steps and 7 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt“.  He offered to write a Christmas card if his book was pre-ordered. So, I did. (I have since received the book and laughed all the way through it, realizing how true this thoughts were.)

So here is my Christmas card letter, as written by Jon Acuff.  Merry Christmas to all. And to all, some good yarn.

Dear friends & family,
My name is Jon Acuff and recently on my blog I offered to write Christmas cards for people. I am happy to say that TerryAnn took me up on the offer. Why? Well, she’s probably really busy. For one thing, she’s on the edge of her 10 year wedding anniversary. For another she has found a creative way to incorporate crafting into the study of the Bible. That’s no easy feat. Be honest, did you ever read the book of Joel and think, “I could see finding a creative way to use these verses in a craft application?” Probably not, and neither did I. But TerryAnn is creative that way and so is her husband. He’s a Trekie and Scrabble enthusiast. Thus far he has not found the tie between the Old Testament and Star Trek, but if someone can it will be him.

Thanks Jon. Wishing all of you a very blessed and merry Christmas.

26 thoughts on “My Merry Christmas Card and a Present”

  1. I still have a hard time convincing people to get me yarn for gifts. I guess they think I should have enough, but then I find a project that I don’t have the right color for or not enough, and guess what–more Yarn!

  2. Can always use more yarn. Right now I have close to 200 bears knit or crocheted that are going to Guatemala with my church’s Women’s Ministry. They will all have backpacks on with felt copies of the wordless book along with the Wordless book song in Spanish. I have also made 4 friendship shawls for friends for Christmas and have several other shawls done, ready to use to minister to those sick or mourning the loss of a loved one. I love both of your Bible Studies and look forward to your monthly posts

  3. After being disabled from an accident I fell into a deep depression feeling no purpose in life. It was knitting prayer shawls that brought me ‘back to life’ again. Yarn comes to me from various gifts and resources and I eagerly spend my hours each day knitting with the anticipation of giving the shawl to comfort someone. The threads of yarn turn into threads of prayer and comfort.

  4. My husband passed away this past October from brain cancer. His faith was so great that he was an example to many as to how to live and how to die with your life in God’s hands. He knew where he was going and only worried about me being left behind for sometime. I have made almost 100 hats in the past year for the local oncology department where he received his treatments so I am alway on the lookout for more yarn. Also make scarves for the oncology department and the cardiac rehab department (he also had a heart attack while on chemo). My bestest friend really knows me so she gave me a gift certificate for Michaels so I could pick out the yarn I wanted. Enjoy your monthly posts too.

  5. My group at church LOVES the Bible Study! We start Book 2 in the new year and are so looking forward to it!

    I posted on Twitter and Facebook, but don’t know how to link here. 🙁

  6. I have been asking for yarn for Christmas for years. This year, my husband hinted that I might actually get it. We’ll see!

  7. We just received that book today from Dave Ramsey. My husband and I are FPU coordinators for our church and we’re looking forward to reading it. I love your studies and enjoy applying them to my life. Keep on keeping on in the Lord’s work.

  8. A yarn can be a tall tale or a means to creativity, so a yarn about yarn especially at Christmas can be a delightful and blessed thing.

  9. My family is still trying to understand my fascination with fiber, yarn, and knitting. Last week my father asked why I was using bigger needles. I told him I had worn the tips of my favorite pair of bamboo needles, so I was knitting gifts this year on larger needles because I did not have time to go to the LYS for new ones. He offered to sharpen my favorites for me – in the pencil sharpener! I did not take him up on his offer, but I appreciated his interest. I would love for Santa (or anyone else) to give me yarn for Christmas! Thanks for your lovely letters and Bible studies. Merry Christmas!

  10. What a nice xmas gift! A treasure of yarn. I am always willing to try to get yarn anyway I can. Here’s hoping my entry wins! 🙂 Have a very Blessed Christimas season and Happy New Year.

  11. Cards may be few but I never have enough yarn. I love making baby blankets for friends and to give away to those in need. The first year I started knitting I made over 30 caps and most of them went to a shelter in the major city near where I live. I also knit many blankets for our county hospital
    Times are tough and I have had to cut down because I cannot buy as much yarn as I used to

  12. I love to get yarn and I’m always knitting ( can’t knit and eat at the same time) but I give most of my knits away. Love to see the receiver smile that something was made just for them!

  13. Yarn and Christmas go hand in hand. One of these years, I’ll do a knitted tree theme. I knit ornaments every year for my classroom and then give them to my students. Merry Christmas to all and a Blessed New Year.

  14. The Knit and Crochet Bible Study has been a blessing to those in our group. We meet once a week to knit, crochet, share and fellowship. May this Christmas be a blessing to all!

  15. I was really disappointed in the number of Christmas cards that didn’t come this year too! Technology HAS taken over. I’m an online ministry founder and a Social Media Manager and STILL it kind of bummed me out that we are drifting away from hand held – hand addressed – hand sent – correspondence.
    Makes a craft like knitting seen more valuable somehow… hand made for the wearer. so nice!

  16. Patricia Anthony

    Yarn/Wool /Knitting has being God,s Therapy & Blessing to me for the pass 2 years as i adjust to the passing of my husband… .Each Stitch I Knit is done with Love & Remind Me That JESUS Loves Us & Is There For US Through The Good Times & The Not So Good….May You All Have A Blessed 2011….Keep These Knitting Needles moving….. Now 2 go 2 Facebook..

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