I was knitting another teddy bear last night and for some reason after I made a k2tog (knit 2 stitches together) I stopped and stared at the stitch.

Two stitches are close together and one stitch appears to wrap around the two.

Immediately I thought “that is marriage”. My husband and I are 2 stitches being held together by the thread that is God.

Working in crochet the look is the same two stitches are held together with one wrapped around it.

Marriage, or any relationship, is not easy. It must be worked at. Wherever 2 or more people are gathered you will find 2 or more ideas, plans, purposes. These can tear a relationship apart unless there is something holding them together.

I am currently reading “Wife After God’” – a 30 devotional to pray through your marriage. You can find it on Amazon (click here to go the Kindle book on Amazon).  I am reading it with  several others. It is a reminder that no matter what state our marriage is in, we need God. We need Him for ourselves and we must ask Him to be part of our marriage, even if our husband is not a God fearing man.

Next time you k2tog or sc2tog say a quick prayer for your marriage.


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