Happy Birthday Jesus

I am editing the post for this month’s panel in the Salvation Colors afghan.  How are you doing? Are you keeping up? 

I ran across a post today I want to share with you, it’s along the lines of what we are doing with the afghan.  It’s a Happy Birthday Jesus cake with colors to represent Salvation. 

You can find the post by clicking here.

The chocolate layer reminds us that we are sinful.
The red layer reminds us that Jesus shed his blood for our sins.
The white frosting reminds us that Jesus has given us a clean heart.
The green layer reminds us to grow in Christ.
The yellow decorations remind us of heaven.
The candles remind us Jesus is the Light of the World.

Wishing you a very, Merry Christmas and praying you will be blessed with the abundance of God’s love in 2010.

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