But, God…..

Two words keep coming  to my mind lately during my prayer time that I pray back “But, God”.  

Things are distracting me from studying, But, God intervenes and opens a time.

Health issues have taken its toll on me.  But, God sees to it His Word is proclaimed. 

Little details draw my attention from the big picture. But, God steps up and says ‘lift up your eyes, look away from the difficulty and look at me.” 

No matter what is happening ‘but, God” will have His way.  Many times in scripture a story is told of difficulties.  These are often followed by 2 little words; But, God.

I pray that no matter what steps in your way as you struggle with whatever is facing you today, look away from it, lift your eyes and say “but, God” has it under control. 

2 thoughts on “But, God…..”

  1. I just came to this site by accident (well, I don’t think it was by accident). I am a Christian and my 29 yr. old son has just been arrested for aggrevated robbery. This has come as such a shock to all of my family. He has never been in trouble before. We are all having a very hard time dealing with this right now and then I read this article “But, God…” Even though things look so bad right now, God does have control. Praise the Lord. I love Him so much.

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